Communicate in Style


Enjoy the results good communication can bring… Communicate in style.

People are unique. As unique individuals we communicate a lot on a daily basis. And we all have our own way of communicating things to the other person.

95% of the misunderstandings in communication come not from WHAT we say, but HOW we say it. Actively learning how to use the communication styles from this one-day training reduces the chance of misunderstandings to zero  and results in a huge increase of effectiveness and pleasure in your business as well as your private life.

About the training

What will you learn?

  • Awareness of the different communication styles.
  • Recognizing the communication styles.
  • Discovering which style you use.
  • Communicating in the style of the other person.
  • Anticipating other styles.

What is the result?

  • You’re more effective in your communication.
  • Collaborating becomes more exciting and it delivers better results.
  • Relationships with clients and colleagues change in a positive way.
  • Relationships with family and friends become more intense.
  • Your tolerance to other people will grow.
  • More excitement and fun between you and your kids.


Location of the training:

ExtraMile Academy for Trainership & Coaching
Jarmuiden 28 
1046 AD Amsterdam

Free parking is available.

Practical information


The Communicating in Style training costs €249,- incl. VAT, coffee, tea & lunch.


13-12-2019 NL