Coach Academy


At Coach Academy you learn how to increase someone’s behavior’s and results through a change in attitude, tools and skills.

Coach Academy offers an effective approach by creating focus, clarity and results. You will see results soon after the first meeting when you use our approach in real life. It’s a highly effective method, which is simple, interactive and confronting. Within 6 months you will know how to apply the skills we teach you, because we support you in implementing them in practice. The tools you will learn are practical and easy to apply, not only through coaching but also in leadership and relationships.

About the training

The training is meant for coaches and trainers who would like to deepen their interactions according to the method of ExtraMile and for people who want to make coaching their profession. The training and the method that is being used is also suitable for middle and senior management as a way to inspire, coach and support team members in realizing growth.

Content of the training

The total training program consists of the following elements:

  • A communication program of several days.
  • A methodical and practical training part consisting of 14 meetings.
  • Three guided coach programs in practice.
  • Optional: 2 meetings about marketing.

The methodical and practical part of the program will be covered in meetings of four hours each, and during the first 7 meetings the participants will be coached through our method. Next to the group meetings, the participants will start coaching  under supervision from meeting 8 . During the training we will use a combination of experiential learning, supported by intellectual learning. The lessons consist of lectures, exercises, group work, learning how to give feedback, learning how to understand and perform interactions. 

After successful completing the program participants receive a certificate of ExtaMile.

What will the participants learn?

  • Recognizing the needs of the customer.
  • Empowering the customer to create his/her drive.
  • Recognizing patterns and how to create breakthroughs.
  • Identifying where or how people hold themselves back, and how to solve it.
  • Creating clarity about what coaching entails.
  • Creating clarity about what the customer wants to achieve.
  • Creating clarity how the customer can get there.
  • Interaction skills to support the customer in his or her success, coming from solutions and breaking patterns.
  • Professional skills for constructive communication at a high level.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Handling conflicts and how to create a platform for cooperation.
  • Stress management and how to handle stress.
  • Detaching facts and opinions and solving discussions in a constructive way.
  • How to inspire others and how to get them moving.
  • How to stay connected to your power as a coach, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Marketing: how to promote my coaching/business and how do I get customers? (optional)

In short, participants learn how they can increase the functioning and the results of their customers through a positive change in attitude, tools and skills. The method of ExtraMile is aimed towards empowering the customer to internalize what he/she learned in practice.


You’re welcome to join one of our free webinars about the academy. Click the link to register directly for the webinar in Zoom:

Monday January 8 , 19.30 h: 

Monday February 12, 19.30 h:

Wednesday March 20, 19.30 h: 

Monday May 13, 19.30 h:–gqT8pHdZw-HpVc0K9boZIGnE0ZF1Y

Tuesday June 18, 19.30 h:  

Wednesday July 10, 19.30 h:


Location of the training:
Jarmuiden 28 
1046 AD Amsterdam

Free parking is available.

Practical information

Participating in the program – Intake

When someone’s interested to participate in the program an intake is being held in which the final decision making process for cooperation is being formed. When someone’s participation is final a training agreement will be signed between both parties.

Do you want to register or do you want to know what Coach Academy can mean for you personally? Please contact Lilyan Harmsen (by telephone: 020-5062077 or by e-mail: for a personal talk.


Meetings:                  3 days of communication trainings and 14 training evenings.

Hours:                       14 weeks, ca. 10 hours per week including meetings and homework (ca. 30 hours for certification)

Cost:                           € 4.550,- 

The price includes the 3 day communication training Make it Work. If you’ve already completed this Make it Work, you will receive a discount for the Coach Academy.


In 2024 the training for coaching of individuals will start on April 2 and September 12.