MILE Runners training


Do you want to realize your dreams

and to learn to implement what you’ve learned in the Essence training in a sustainable way? That is what the MILE Runners training is about.

This training is intended for people who finished the Essence training. During the MILE Runners training you work on your goals, exceeding your own expectations and you will receive support to make you will realize successes in your own life. In this way you can be motivated to get the best out of you.

About the training

The MILE Runners training lasts approximately a month. At the beginning of your MILE, during the teambuilding day, you decide what goals you’re going to work on. During the MILE you will be coached to reach these goals and to be successful. In this way you not only reach your own goals but also inspire your environment to also go for their dreams and to do things differently. This all comes from the vision: creating a human society through love, partnership and inspiration.

You close the MILE by assisting an Essence or Source training.

The results people achieve through the MILE are endless and diverse. Do you want to get an impression of what the MILE Runners program can offer you? On MILE Runner share what they got out of the MILE.


Location of the training:
Essence Training Centre
Jarmuiden 26C
1046 AD Amsterdam

Practical information

Practical information


The MILE Runners training is free.


Dates and times

For dates and times you can send an e-mail to:



If you want to register for a MILE Runners training you can send an e-mail to:



Essence Trainingen

Jarmuiden 26c

1046 AD Amsterdam


Free parking is available.





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